The Country house

In the heart of the La Valle dei Casali Park in Rome

an old country residence has been transformed

into a Bed and Breakfast

The Country House, dating back to the early thirties, in a state of abandon and decadence, today shines like a small diamond in the lush park of the la Valle dei Casali in Rome. The refurbishing of the mansion, had been carried out as faithful as possible to the original architectural imprint, corresponding to the past rural activities of the area. Adding valuable decorative elements and facilities, has allowed the Country House to be a comfortable family residence- and an elegant B&B too. Staying at La valle dei casali B&B you will discover the harmonious coexistence of past and the modern life by the rural environment and the personality of the area.

The entrance

An elegant patio gives access to the B&B, harmonizing and emphasizing the importance of the Country House.

The warm harmony of the materials used in the restoration – such as wood, stone and forged iron, create an effect which is enhanced by the after dark lighting. The lamp, inspired by the original in “ The Palazzo Strozzi” in Florence and the heraldic shield, bearing the sign of the B&B, give a touch of elegance with a medieval flavor.

Fire, Earth and Water

Handmade Terracotta floors, in both the interior and the exterior is a leitmotif of the restoration.

Forged iron masterpeieces like the lion’s head with a chain closing the entrance door, the lily masterwork used for fixing the Latin effigy and the lantern placed at the corner of the Country House, give un example of the mastery and the skill of the blacksmith.

The grate at the entrance is a lucky discovery: buried under the rubble of the old building, once recovered, due to exceptional restoration work, has regained its ancient dignity .

The atmosphere of the interior

The interior represents the taste of the owners. In the living room the scene is dominated by the old peperino fireplace embellished with two side compartments, with chestnut doors and handcrafted wrought iron hinges with central bolt closure. The flooring of this room was made by calibrated terracotta strips with a central herringbone pattern. The dining room, full of light thanks to the large window overlooking the garden, is inspired by the Italian Sixteenth Century.

Exuberant creativity is given by the “English” bathroom with coatings that reproduce the fox hunt and by stylish bathroom fixtures and fittings.

Swimming Pool

From water tank to a modern swimming pool.

The original site was equipped with a round irrigation tank for watering the vegetable garden.

The restoration transformed it into an elegant swimming pool that evokes the rural past of the Country House.

The swimming pool area has sun beds and sun umbrellas to relax on hot summer days or to enjoy an aperitif en plein air, listening to music.

Harmonious exterior

There are many key points to the sunny and harmonious exterior of the B&B.

Well maintained garden , with its centuries-old olive trees, lavender flowers, primroses, freesias , rosemary and a bay tree give the Country House a rural note that makes it unique in its kind.

Enjoying a drink, reading a book or relaxing after a swim in the pool, are those little things that make the difference between a stay and a holiday.

Our rooms

Balcony suite

Balcony suite

Garden suite

Garden suite

Family room

Family room

Double room

Double room

Breakfast room

Breakfast room